Kalterra Defined: Exceptional Real Estate

“Kalterra” is derived from the Greek word “kalitera” (the best) and the Latin word “terra” (land),  True to our name, we acquire great real estate sites and transform them into exceptional communities.  Using a data driven and disciplined investment strategy, we identify the most attractive submarkets in need of new product and meticulously cultivate those markets for the best opportunities.

Projects come alive through a meticulous design process.  The needs of the community and our target market inform every decision.  Alignment with partners who share both our vision and values is critical to our continued success.

Development is a complicated undertaking that requires a diverse set of skills, creativity and financial acumen to complete.  At Kalterra, we are uniquely qualified to meet these challenges.


DESIGN SAVVY | We use a collaborative entitlement process and custom design approach to deliver a superior product.

NIMBLE | Our competency and streamlined processes allow us to focus on the right opportunities and execute on them efficiently.

LEGACY BUILDERS | We are a team of exceptional players with unique and diverse experiences that allow us to challenge the status quo and deliver great results for the benefit of our investors and communities.

Great land. First class projects. Exceptional returns.